How to make an acoustic upgrade in a car

According to managers working in installation services, sales of component car loudspeakers of 13 cm size have strongly increased over the past few years. The increase in sales of these devices from car dealers is due to the demand for “B” and “C” class automobiles. In addition, the popularity of this company has grown: https://scrapmycarnear.me/service-areas/scrap-my-car-etobicoke/.

Where to start

Almost all cars in this segment have such parameters as standard size door recesses for acoustic upgrades. It should also be added that the popularity of car speakers (13 cm) is initiated by the fact that many car manufacturers put their equipment on the market with empty niches, leaving the choice and installation of acoustics at the discretion of owners of new cars. Some also lack CD-systems. Apparently for this reason they are offered in different car showrooms as valuable gifts or additional equipment.

Composition of the acoustic kit

Of course, some cars in this price segment have acoustic equipment on their boards, but, as a rule, its set includes wide-band loudspeakers, as a result of which there is a distortion of high and low frequencies, as a single radiator is involved in the system. This is especially noticeable when the system operates in high sound level mode. This fact also drives motorists who seek to replace the regular wide-band speakers with component, two-way speakers.

The kit usually includes two loudspeakers, called tweeter and midbass by specialists, which perceive and reproduce only a certain frequency range. The modern car market can offer a large number of very decent speakers made in the USA, Germany, Japan. Popular, recently, have also become Korean brands. All depends on personal tastes and preferences of the consumer, well, on the state of his purse. When choosing an acoustic upgrade for your car, it is recommended to pay attention to the power reserve (power ratio: nominal and maximum) and to the frequency range the device is able to reproduce. It is clear that the higher these parameters, the better.

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