The engine does not need to be flushed when changing the oil, if the replacement is performed with an oil identical to what was used before. Manufacturers of high-quality oils add various additives to them that improve their properties, and perform additional tasks in relation to engine parts.

In particular, the oils contain additives that clean the engine, which simultaneously perform the function of washing. When using such petroleum products, after you drain them, the engine parts shine like from a store. If it’s too late to change your car’s oil because it’s broken, contact a company that does junk my cars etobicoke.

But still, it is necessary to flush the engine when changing the oil in the following circumstances:

You bought a new car and have no idea what kind of liquid is poured into the engine;
You change the brand and the viscosity index of the lubricating fluid;
If you suspect that antifreeze has entered the system, fuel or oil of poor quality or unsuitable for the engine has been filled in.
If in the process of repairing the engine, the cylinder head was opened.
Is it worth using washing liquids?

Modern industry, which fights for the indispensable flushing of the engine during oil changes, produces separate flushing fluids. The same manufacturers recommend passing their products through the engine after draining the old oil and before filling the new one. Another type of washing – the so-called five-minute flushes are added to the drained oil.

Marketers of these same washing liquids give dozens of arguments in favor of their use, but are they really needed?

Do not forget that engine oil – whether it is mineral or synthetic-is a mixture of complex chemicals. Plus, there are various additives. Washing is also a mixture of chemicals, but different.

You have no idea about the composition of these and other liquids, you do not know how the oil and the washing liquid will react with each other, what will happen as a result, and how this mixture will affect the engine. Is it worth the risk?

But the most important thing is that all these rinses, whether you want it or not, affect the viscosity of the lubricating fluid and the quality of the additives. In what way?

When the engine oil is drained, about 10% is delayed in the system. If you pour the washing liquid for washing, then it remains in the engine housing and will mix with the new oil. That is, another 10 percent is added to 15 percent of factory additives, it is unclear what, when mixed with oil additives, changes its chemical composition, and, consequently, its viscosity and other properties.

And where is the guarantee that as a result of all chemical reactions, you will not get a “ruff” for the engine, which will first corrode the rings, and then will not take up metal parts? It is possible that the fears are in most cases in vain, but in any case, the oil will no longer work as intended by its manufacturer.

What else is harmful about five-minute flushes that are poured into the engine before changing the oil? They do not fulfill their direct purpose – they are not able to dissolve and wash away the accumulated dirt.

The resulting deposits can clog the oil channels, from which the oil will not flow to the engine parts. And this will lead to oil starvation of the internal combustion engine, which, working dry, will quickly fail.

The best way to flush the engine when changing the oil

It is best to flush the engine when changing the oil as follows:

First, warm up the engine, and only then drain the spent oil product. Do not rush, give the liquid time to drain as much as possible. If possible, if the machine is installed on a lift, tilt it, then a larger amount of waste fluid will flow out of the system.
Change the oil filter and fill it with fresh oil. Use the machine for two days, maintaining the running speed mode.
On the third day, change the oil and filter again.
Further replacement is recommended to be performed 2 times earlier than usual. That is, you always perform a replacement after 10 km of mileage, then this time do it after 5 thousand.
Important: changing the oil with the old filter does not make any sense, because all the carbon, all the dirt, the filter has collected on itself and when operating a car with an old filter, something will inevitably get into the new oil from it. And it will lose its purity. Therefore, if you change the oil, immediately change the filter.

After completing all these procedures, you can be sure that your engine is clean. For some, this method will seem time-consuming and expensive. Just remember how much it will cost to repair a failed internal combustion engine or even replace the engine, and we must think that all questions and doubts will disappear by themselves.

In addition, it should be taken into account that such a procedure needs to be done once, and then, when you use the same oil, you will not need to change it in time, washing will no longer be required.

An economical way to flush the engine when changing the oil

The method is dirty, requires thorough preparation, but it is faster and cheaper than the previous one.

First, drain the used lubricating fluid and remove the dirty filter. Start slowly pouring a new product with the filter removed and the oil plug open. Keep an eye on what liquid is leaking out. First, the dirty, used remnants of the previous oil will be poured out.

As soon as clean oil appears from the socket where the filter is installed, you should close this hole with something. Continue pouring until a clear, transparent liquid appears from under the drain hole.

As soon as clean oil appears from below, install a new filter in its place and tighten the drain plug of the pallet. Now you can pour the new oil in the usual order, up to the mark. This procedure takes 20 percent more oil product.

But the engine is washed clean, Perform the next replacement a little earlier – after 6-7 thousand mileage. And then as it is written in the instructions for the car.

Try to use those brands of oils that are recommended by the engine manufacturer, then you will not have to wash the engine when changing the oil. The motor will serve you faithfully and will not let you down at the most inopportune moment.

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