Disinfection of the machine in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. It is better not to do this!

Car disinfection is especially recommended during the coronavirus pandemic. However, as it turns out, the alcohol in antibacterial fluids can harm some parts of our car. Cars in any condition are accepted for recycling under the program scrap car removal scarborough.

The steering wheel and the gear shift knob are particularly affected. Therefore, experts advise, after using this kind of product, to wait until the harmful substances have completely evaporated.

Please be aware that using alcohol directly on leather upholstery may discolor it. Lacquered plastic parts such as the gear lever can also be damaged.

The use of washer fluids (including concentrates) based on methanol, which is a poison, is strictly prohibited. Although a small amount of it is not harmful because it will neutralize the ethanol in the liquid, concentrations of methyl alcohol above 3% of the total volume can be hazardous, causing skin and eye irritation.

Disinfectant liquid recipe

You can take care of the sterility of your own car yourself. The World Health Organization (WHO) has prepared a universal recipe for a disinfectant liquid. To compile it, you will need: 833 ml of 96% ethyl alcohol, 110 ml of distilled or boiled water, 42 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 15 ml of 98% glycerin and a liter container. A disinfectant liquid, which will be slightly weaker in action than an alcohol-containing one, can be created on the basis of vinegar: 0.5 liters of vinegar, 400 ml of water, 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide.

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