3 working ways to protect your muffler from rust and forget about the problem

Many motorists are faced with a problem like a rusty muffler and scrap car removal. The underbody of the car is constantly in contact with water from puddles, dirt, salt and reagents, which leads to the appearance of corrosion on the muffler. Sometimes it happens that severe corrosion on the exhaust pipe appears after several years of machine operation. But is it possible to do something to forget about this problem forever?

Replacement for stainless steel
Some carmakers save money on their cars and install the cheapest parts. So, many cars have steel mufflers, which are prone to rapid corrosion. Drivers replace them with more expensive ones made of stainless steel and forget about the problem of rust for a long time.

Muffler painting
Few people know that the exhaust pipe can be protected from rust with a special coating. This is done using a special heat-resistant paint that can withstand heating up to 800 degrees. The main component in the composition of this paint is aluminum, and it does not corrode at all.

Grandfather’s method
The easiest way to keep the muffler from rusting is to drill a small drain hole in the muffler. The thing is that warm air inside the exhaust system condenses on the cold pipe walls, which leads to the formation of water inside the muffler. So that this water drains away and does not lead to corrosion, this drainage hole is needed.

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